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Career Fairs at NAU

The W. A. Franke College of Business includes majors in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, and Information Systems Management. All majors at NAU are welcome. There are several fairs at NAU so make sure to select “The W. A. Franke Career Fair” to meet our College of Business students!

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Post a Position

Handshake is NAU’s single system recruiting platform for all students, alumni, and employers. Employers have the ability to make an account and list open positions in your organization.

Host a Virtual Event

Host a virtual event in Handshake and invite NAU students and additional universities you recruit at to the event. Read Handshake’s how-to guide to assist you in setting it up.

Engage with Student Organizations

Speak at student club and organization meetings. View all of our student organizations and business fraternities at True Blue Connects.

On Campus Interviews

To request an on campus interview room, contact the Career Development Office at 928-523-1291 or Interview schedules can be set up in Handshake for students to sign up when selected.

Marketing Subscription

In order to advertise your available job positions and company events more effectively, we are introducing the FCB Marketing Subscription. This plan will allow us to promote your opportunities outside of Handshake and will have higher visibility to our students.

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Hiring international students at NAU

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9 Things International Students Can Do to Stand Out at Career Fairs and Conferences

International students often feel like career fairs are a waste of time and money. The reason for such disappointment is that, historically, the majority of companies participating at these events don't sponsor international students and therefore aren't willing to speak …

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Career Resources

Recruiting for internships is a whole different ball game when compared to traditional roles. To help you adopt the best …

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