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Welcome to the Accounting Community!

This community is your resource to explore the field of accounting. This page will provide information that will assist your learning about the industry through events, online tools and curated news updates, and gain access to networking, internship and job opportunities to advance your career. We look forward to helping you make informed academic and professional decisions by finding meaningful ways to connect with the Accounting Community at The W. A. Franke College of Business.

Accounting firms recruit earlier than any other industry. Most CPA firms hire interns a year in advance and are a great way of being recognized for your skills and abilities. Interns who perform well typically are extended full time offers. If you are interested in working at an accounting firm, you should build your company target list now and begin researching recruitment timeline so that you do not miss important opportunities.

A well-crafted résumé should stand out amongst others by properly highlighting both hard and soft skills and showcasing your relevant experiences which will appeal to prospective employers in the industry. One way to do this is by highlighting specific courses or soft skills you have acquired through related coursework or activities – such as problem solving ability or working in teams – as they demonstrate your knowledge and transferrable skills. Furthermore, you can use this platform to showcase how your unique set of skills and experiences could be applied within their organizations if chosen for hire. It is important to take proactive steps now to ensure success towards this professional goal. Begin by writing a resume in order to increase your chances of getting an internship or first job. Your resume should highlight your experience, showcase your hard and soft skills and connect your skills and abilities to the job market. A well-crafted resume should help you stand out amongst others!

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What Are My Work Values? Quiz

Work isn’t just about what you do every day, but how you get that work done, who you work with, and the environment in which you work. Your work values are your beliefs about all of these elements. For example, …

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16+ Jobs for Accounting Majors in 2023

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Forensic Accounting: Definition and Overview

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